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With our healthy low calorie snacks, you get more flavour and more of the “GOOD STUFF” with less fat and calories.
We are crazy about our healthy low calorie snacks, and we’re confident that you will be too! At Snack Garden, we craft delicious, all-natural snacks made from ingredients you can see and identify. We take stringent measures to guarantee the quality of our healthy snacks, from sourcing our quality ingredients to the moment you take your first bite!
We are proud that all of our healthy low calorie snacks are gluten-free. They contain no gluten ingredients, and they are made on dedicated gluten-free lines.
Our products are made from fibre and vitamin-rich whole foods, and we use state-of-the-art processing technologies to preserve as much as possible of the good stuff in them. Furthermore, we do not use anything artificial, period.

Snack Garden healthy low calorie snack


Snack Garden healthy low calorie snack

Premium toasted

Snack Garden healthy low calorie snack


Healthy low calorie snacks
Snack Garden healthy low calorie snack


Snack Garden healthy low calorie snack

No artificial colours

Snack Garden healthy low calorie snack


Healthy low calorie snacks - Veggie Chips
Healthy snacks

Less fat and calories

Vacuum-Fried Lightly Salted Vegetable Chips
Who says veggies can’t be a delightful snack?
First, we prepare thick slices of fresh, hand-selected vegetables. Then we prepare them at low temperatures in a vacuum fryer, which retains the veggies’ wholesome flavours and nourishing vitamins and nutrients. The result is a healthy and crispy veggie snack (Veggie Chips) that is insanely delicious and good for you.
To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you burn during the day.
Low-calorie foods that are high in protein and fiber will help you feel fuller for longer. These healthy low calorie snacks can help you lose weight.
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Toasted Organic Coconut Chips 

Oh, Snap

Sweet coconut chips? Please tell me more…..
These healthy low calorie snacks are mouth-watering, naturally high-nutrient snacks. Sounds like the perfect treat! Our Coconut Lightly Salted and Coconut Blossom snacks come from the nutrient-packed white flesh, or copra, of the mature coconut.
They have all of the healthful benefits and nourishing fats of coconut oil with additional dietary fibre and protein. In order to maintain the highest nutritive value, they are crafted in small batches, wide-cut and gently toasted to provide a perfectly tropical crunch.
Snack Garden Coconut Blossom - 5star Drinks
Snack Garden - Healthy low calorie snacks - Fruit Mix
All natural

Delicious healthy snacks

Freeze-Dried Tropical Fruit Mix
Our Freeze-dried Tropical Fruit Mix is an all-natural blend of strawberries, pineapples and bananas.
The only thing taken out of these fruits through the freeze-drying process is water; there are absolutely no additives or preservatives. They are wheat, fat and gluten free, but rich in nutrients and antioxidants.
Only 15 grams of our Fruit Mix healthy low calorie snacks cover more than 100% of an adult’s recommended daily vitamin C intake.
Furthermore, less water equals more flavour and a satisfying crunch that both kids and adults love.




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We would like to live in a healthier world, and that is one of the reasons why we created our healthy low calorie snacks. We would also like to support that goal by donating 10% of our profits.

We have partnered with the Foundation to neutralize our carbon footprint by supporting reforestation and forest preservation projects through them.

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